Fred is derF spelled backwards.

It all started with Freddy’s dad’s RCA video camcorder. He loved the fact that he could capture life and watch it again later. It was like being able to go back in time and re-watch his life.

Growing up, Freddy started thinking about the people that were making the movies he was watching. One of his favorite directors is Michael Mann of Heat. He loves how real his movies feel. Michael Mann once said on a director’s commentary that he doesn’t care how a movie looks, he cares about how it feels. Then Freddy saw the movie Friday and F Gary Gray was right there as well. He loves how versatile he is and how his movies don’t seem like a “black movie”, they’re just great movies. And finally, he loves how James Cameron’s movies are just always the biggest.

As a director, Freddy feels like he brings realness to every project. He recently completed his 1st feature film where he wrote, produced, directed, and edited the entire film. Three words that best describe his shooting style are real, raw, and authentic!

Family is the most important thing to Freddy. He tries as hard as possible to keep it real with everyone in his life.

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